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  • Gannoruwa, Asangi (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2024-01)
    Nanomatrix structures are prominent filler network structure which usually improves the mechanical properties of natural rubber or sometimes used to introduce novel properties
  • Abeyasingh, Neranga; Gunewardene, Siyath; Jayaweera, Hiran (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2024-01)
    Often used as a tool in analytical chemistry, Raman spectroscopy is a highly utilized non-destructive vibrational spectroscopic technique. Incident light interacts with the molecules, and the inelastically scattered ...
  • Lamabadusuriya, Manuja (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2024-01)
    The role of chemists in utilizing radioisotopes in industries is significant. Radioisotopes, characterized by their emission of various types of radiation like alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, or x-rays, include both ...
  • Selvaraj, Saranya; Weerasinghe, Laksiri (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2024-01)
    Peptides have emerged as versatile entities in the pharmaceutical industry by playing pivotal roles in drug discovery, development, and targeted drug delivery systems. While, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ...
  • Kaumal, M. N. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2024-01)
    Microfluidics and nanofluidics deal with the precise control and manipulation of fluids at the sub-millimeter scale. Microfluidic and nanofluidic devices offer new capabilities for the advancement of technologies across ...

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