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  • De Silva, W. S.; Wijayarathna, C. D.; De Silva, H. I. C. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2022-06)
    Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevailing neurodegenerative disease and is becoming one of the major human health concerns today
  • Perera, K. Sarath. D.; Theeshya Dulmini, A. D. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-04)
    Nowadays, “Aflatoxin and Coconut oil” has become a provocative topic in Sri Lanka. However, aflatoxins (AFs) were first discovered in England, around 1960s, after the outbreak of turkey X disease. In 2012, the International ...
  • Hettigedara, N. M. S (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2022-10)
    Initiative for enhancing status of the profession of Chemist
  • Guneratne, Ranil.D (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-04)
    On October 29, 2020, Ajith C.S. Perera, a well known activist for the rights of disabled people in Sri Lanka, passed away at the age of 64. He eventually lost a brave but uphill battle against kidney failure, diabetes, ...
  • Weerasinghe, S. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2019-01)
    Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are a group of hormones consisting of the male sex hormone testosterone and its synthetic derivatives.
  • Wickramarachchi, S.R; Amarasinghe, L.D (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-09)
    A. glabra is a tropical fruit tree belonging to the family Annonaceae and related to several commercially grown Annona species, including A. cheromola (cherimoya), Chemical composition of leaf A. muricata (soursop), ...
  • Ekanayake, Sagarika; Randiligama, Bismi Thisaruka (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-06)
    Palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer L.) Fruit Pulp (PFP) has more health benefits. Spoiled PFP is mainly caused by acid-producing microbes like A. aceti and alcoholproducing microbes like S. cerevisiae. Chemically preserved ...
  • Mahindapala, Ranjith (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Dr Wijesekera took chemistry at the University of Ceylon and started his career as a Research Officer at the Medical Research Institute (MRI), primarily working on medicinal plants.
  • Perera, K. Sarath. D. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Arenes are aromatic compounds which can act These complexes with three simple ligands are called as π-electron donors. Organometallic complexes with such ligands are commonly known as arene complexes, arene metal complexes ...
  • Perera, K. Sarath. D. (Institute of Chemistry, 2021-06)
  • Rupasinghe, Thilini p. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2019-01)
    Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), without any doubt can be named as one of the most sensitive imaging techniques which allows researchers to explore a broad spectrum of materials such as semiconductors, nanocrystals, ...
  • Haniffa, M.R.M. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Let me at the outset, share my thoughts with you regarding basic mathematics and its teaching. It is based on my teaching experience over the past couple of decades and based on what I learned for my O/L
  • Kaumal, M.N (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-09)
    Scientific findings are published in multiple platforms such as journal articles, abstracts and theses. Intellectual assets of those findings have become freely accessible and used by other parties in order to gain ...
  • Pahalagedara, Lakshitha (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-09)
    December, 2019 is a haunting month not only to the people in Wuhan, China but also to the entire world. COVID19 was first identified in Wuhan, however it started spreading so fast in almost all the continents and became ...
  • Sathsarani, Wandana; Wickramarachchi, Suranga (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    When Cleopatra set sail to greet Marc Antony’s fleet, sailors reported that the entire sea smelled of incense to announce her arrival
  • Fernando , Attanayake Anoja P.Aravindani M.; Fernando, Isurika R. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-06)
    A non-communicable disease, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most prevailing progressive and irreversible neurological brain disorder among the elderly community. Although the precise cause for AD is still uncertain, ...
  • Mohan, Dinesh (Institute of Chemistry, 2021-06)
    The 17 Goals were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which set out a 15-year plan to achieve the Goals. Action is needed on a number of fronts, including harnessing ...
  • Samarakkody, Ann Sanoji (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-04)
    The beta-Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 has caused a pandemic outbreak that has lasted for over a year and it still continues its impact in a global scale. The devastating loss of lives and livelihoods has caused socio-econo ...
  • Cooray, Asitha (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2019-01)
    Iron is one of the most important redox active trace metals present in aquatic systems. The redox cycling of iron is closely associated with the biogeochemical cycling of oxygen, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and ...
  • Jayasekera, G. A. U (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2022-10)
    Conserving, and consuming all kinds of resources in a responsible manner leaving enough for the future generations is the core definition of sustainability.