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  • Costa, M.D.P.De (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-05)
    In the 1960’s, the government and the university system in Sri Lanka were faced with the challenge of providing university entrance to all Advanced Level qualified students to pursue their tertiary education, owing to ...
  • Perera, K. Sarath D.; Malawalaarachchi, Ovini N. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-09)
    Water is a truly amazing resource on Earth that nature offers us absolutely free of charge, and it is ranked second only to oxygen as being essential for life. More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with ...
  • Perera, K. Sarath D. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-09)
    Reductive elimination (R.E.) is the opposite or the reverse of oxidative addition (O.A.), in which X-Y oxidatively adds on to Ln Mn+ to give Ln (X)(Y)M(n+2)+. LnM Y (n+2)+ X R.E. O.A. LnM n+ + X Y X and Y ...
  • Perera, K. Sarath D. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-05)
    Coordinatively unsaturated metal centres (Mn+) (valence electron count, VEC<18) may undergo oxidative addition reactions to form saturated metal complexes by cleaving the X-Y bond of a molecule (e.g. H2 , O2 , ...
  • Perera, K. Sarath D. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-05)
    A good knowledge in coordination and organometallic chemistry is very useful to a student, who wish to understand chemical transformations taking place around in nature and industry. It also helps to design synthetic ...
  • Perera, K. Sarath D. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-01)
    Metal centres of d-block form coordination compounds with ligands which can donate a pair of electrons. These ligands are known as sigma donors or Lewis bases. Some ligands that consist of suitable vacant orbitals ...
  • Perera, K Sarath D (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2020-01)
    Isomers (compounds with the same chemical formula) can be broadly classified into (i) stereoisomers (e.g. geometrical and optical) with the same connectivity but having different spatial arrangements and (ii) structural ...
  • Samaraweera, A.P.G.M.V. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    With the advancement of technology, the problems associated with the ecosystems are also increasing. As a result, the components of the ecosystem; water, land, and air are contaminated with pollutants.
  • Hewage, K. P. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Gas chromatography (GC) is one of the versatile analytical techniques used in both qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Perera, K. Sarath D.; Theeshya Dulmini, A. D. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Ancient Sri Lanka was well known as it was situated at the centre of the Silk Road. Ceylon cinnamon has become one of the main exports over a long period of time. According to “Mahavamsa” or the great chronicle of Sri ...
  • Fernando, L.N. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    I came to know Dr. Wijesekera in 1971 when he recruited me as a technical assistant to his Natural products laboratory at CISIR (Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research). I was just out of high school, ...
  • Warnasuriya, Dilmani (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Dr. R. O. B. Wijesekera, the doyen of Natural Product Chemistry, and a much loved figure among all those he worked with, passed away on the 13 th July 2021 after a brief illness.
  • Dayananda, K. R. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Rahula Oliver Barnes Wijesekera (ROB to his many friends and colleagues) was the eldest son in a family of 7 siblings. He was an excellent student at Royal College Colombo.
  • Mahindapala, Ranjith (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Dr Wijesekera took chemistry at the University of Ceylon and started his career as a Research Officer at the Medical Research Institute (MRI), primarily working on medicinal plants.
  • Jayewardene, A. Lakshman (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    I first met ROB more than fifty years ago, soon after his return from the USA after a postdoc year at the University of California, Davis campus in 1969.
  • Sathsarani, Wandana; Wickramarachchi, Suranga (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    When Cleopatra set sail to greet Marc Antony’s fleet, sailors reported that the entire sea smelled of incense to announce her arrival
  • Punyasiri, Nimal (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    The use of natural-based cosmetic active ingredients is on the rise worldwide, particularly in anti-aging and skin lightening (brightening) skin care cosmetics.
  • Gunawardena, Nalaka (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd (NBC) is under the Multichemi group, and the Multichemi group was established in 1993.
  • Hettigoda, Lankani (2021-09)
    Siddhalepa manufactures over 200 authentic Ayurveda medicinal products and OTC Ayurveda products, ranging from cosmetics, medicines, and food items, conforming to international and local Standards.
  • Perera, K. Sarath D. (Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 2021-09)
    Organic chemistry is basically the study of synthesis, reactions, properties, and structures of carbon-containing compounds. Organic reactions can be classified into four main types: addition, elimination (E), substitution, ...

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